Out of This World – WPC

Or something from deep within the depths of it?

This weeks Photo Challenge, Out of this World, asked us to take a familiar scene and see it in a way that made it look and feel like something out of this world. I launched in to the project with the objective of using lighting to shift the normal outlook of objects familiar to me such that they took on something of that otherworldly or even a celestial appearance. However, after some light-painting miscues, I eventually found myself exploring a darker side of the unfamiliar, like this devilish, clay head I sculpted when I was young. It normally sits largely ignored on a shelf but, backlit with flames, it comes back to ominous life from the depths.


Or perhaps this skull that has been unearthed on a dark planet, its surface richly textured by … blankets.


And this I just had to toss in because, frankly, something positively and eerily alien was going on with my boiled egg this week.


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