Ottawa Marathon – Speed I

A marathon is a remarkable event at which to observe the width and breadth of human endeavour and accomplishment (and failure – though even in the attempt there is much success to praise). There are the lean, sleek machines who come flying through at the front with speed and endurance that defies understanding to us mere mortals. After a lengthy gap come the next tier of focused and determined elite runners and then the masses – every size, shape, gait and expression imaginable. Some suffering. Some rejoicing at the experience. Some joking. Some inwardly focused and seemingly oblivious to the cheers and clapping of the crowds. But each one, very human in their own way.

The Ottawa Marathon was held this past weekend and in a series of posts I’ll feature some of the highlights I captured. Today, it’s all about speed. Above, Werkuneh Seyoum of Ethiopia is a blur of concentration as he chases down the leaders.


Amos Mitei (Kenya), John Kipkosgei Korir (Kenya), Adugna Takele (Ethiopia) – hidden from view, and Yemane Tsegay (Ethiopia), the eventual winner, continue to set a formidable pace close to the 35 km mark.

Below, Kait Toohey looks cool under pressure as she blazes her way to finish as the top Canadian woman.


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